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Reasons to Love T20 Cricket Format


A few years back; there was a T20 league in just England, but now almost every country has the league and the T20 tournament is played all around the world. The T20 cricket tournament format has gained popularity and it is widely accepted as a great format. Now Pakistan has its own league, it will be proven great for the cricketers of the country and the country itself.

t20-cricketThe cricket lovers in Pakistan are glad that now they can enjoy the tournament between the Pakistani teams, now the matches can be played  for Pakistan only.

Short Time Duration:

The individuals who love cricket had to wait for a couple of days or more in the past because the old format demand more time for the completion of the match. The matches that are played with the T20 format takes less time in completion and almost the matches end in 3 hours. This format gives a chance to the individuals to see the match live from stadium who love cricket, but can’t manage much time or days for watching the result.


The matches played with the T20 format end in a few hours, but it doesn’t mean that the cricket lovers present in the stadium for the match and those watching it online can’t enjoy it because of the short time duration. Each game is filled with entertainment and the spectators enjoy the game more than the match that get 2 days or more for the completion. The whole game depends on the sixes and fours which makes it more interesting.


The T20 cricket match contains glamour and the individuals who go to the stadium for supporting their team enjoy the fireworks. Music is played in the stadium and every team comes with an anthem which makes the event enjoyable. Cheerleaders are also present in the stadium and the addition of fireworks for the celebration doubles the excitement.

High Standard:

When the T20 format was introduced, it was not taken seriously and it was declared as Pajama cricket. It attracted the attention of the cricket regulators; they along with the cricket players and the organizations linked to the cricket played the role in taking it to the peak and turning its standard high. New rules are made and the changes are made in the cricket from what it was 20 years back.


In the T20 game format, the whole match depends on the batsmen because the teams can only score high by sixes and fours. As the number of balls is less in this format, the batsmen can’t miss any chance of striking four or six. This format needs experience of batting of many years and the team with outstanding batsmen win the match.

The T20 cricket match format is great in many ways, the above mentioned are some reasons to love T20 and the less time duration of the match is the main reason people love this format.