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Pakistan Super League Broadcast


Pakistan Super League (PSL) starts from Feburary 2016, all the eyes in the world of Cricket will turn towards Pakistan as Pakistan Cricket Expedes into the world of Hosting the T20 League along with some of the most popular leagues across the world.

The Pakistan Super League has seen the delay with the PCB when it was postponed twice in 2014 and 2015 and it was highlighted that it was due to the lack of response from the sponsors and other planning issues

The event will start on February 4, 2016 and the final will be played on Feburary 24, 2016. The main venue has now been changed to United Arab Emirates- Dubai and Sharjah will hosting all the matches in PSL instead of Doha, Qatar.

PSL will be offering a Prize Money of $1Million to the winners out of the 5 teams who are competing in this league.

PTV-Sports-LogoTough the days haven’t started yet but the broadcasting rights of PSL for the event are not yet claimed.at the moment only PTV and TenSports are the Official Broadcasting Partners for showing all the matches played in Pakistan. A fresh auction  will be required for the PSL, Ten Sports Network look like leaders to arrive the show privileges of the competition.

PCB is also trying to explore options to tie up with online websites so that users can easily stream matches online which will ensure bigger viewership and will also attract bigger sponsors.

More Broadcasters will be revealed of the PSL, Najam Sethi the executive Committee Chief says that PSL will make money out of Broadcast rights, apparel rights, Sponsorship rights, apparel rights and Ticket sales with the Franchises who will be getting a share out of this central pool.

Broadcast rights will bear an important mark on the financial viability and success of this T20 league and will also put Broadcast rights into a crucial position as it will be a critical indicator on how the PSL is received across the world concerning other similar domestic tournaments.