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Asia Cup 2016 T20 Cricket Schedule, Dates and Teams


Bangladesh is hosting the next edition of the Asia Cup 2016 that will begin from 24th of February 2016 and will end on 6th of March 2016 just after Pakistan Super League.

Asia-Cup-T20-2016This is the 3rd successive Asia Cup 2016 edition for which the teams will go to Bangladesh for the matches. The country had hosted the tournament 2 times prior to this tournament, one that was played in the year 2012 and the other in 2014. Bangladesh was also the host of the matches that were played in a 50-overs format in the year 1998 and 2000.

The Asia Cup played for the first time in the year 1986 and till now, 12 tournaments are played. This edition of the Asia Cup 2016 will be played in a T20 format and the matches are scheduled between 5 teams.

The 4 teams that are already in the tournament are Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. These four selected teams will compete in the Asia Cup tournaments in the coming years by which the Asian teams will get a chance to practice for T20 world cup that is played a few days after the completion of the Asia Cup tournament. As 5 teams will compete, the fifth one will be added in the list of the teams based on the Qualifiers. The teams of countries who will play matches with the other 3 teams for getting qualified for the Asia cup include:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Hong Kong
  • Afghanistan
  • Nepal

The Asia Cup edition holds great importance because just a few days after this tournament; the teams will come together for the matches of World T20 that is scheduled to be played in India.

Total 10 matches will be played and the 11th one will be the final, every team has to play 4 matches and the two teams who will win more matches will play the final match.

Here is the schedule of teams and the dates:

  • The 1st match will be played between India and Bangladesh on 24rth of February 2016
  • The 2nd match will be between Sri Lanka and Qualified team on 25th of February 2016
  • The 3rd match will be between Bangladesh and Qualified team on 26th of February 2016
  • The 4th match will be played between India and Pakistan on 27th of February 2016
  • The 5th match will be played between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on 28th of February 2016
  • The 6th match will be between Pakistan and Qualified team on 29th of February 2016
  • The 7th match will be between India and Sri Lanka on 1st of March 2016
  • The 8th match will be played between Pakistan and Bangladesh on 2nd of March 2016
  • The 9th match will be between India and Qualifier team on 3rd of March 2016
  • The 10th match will be played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on 4rth of March 2016

The Final match will be played on 5th of March.