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10 Reasons to Love Pakistan Super League (PSL 2016)


The Pakistani cricket fans are waiting for the competition between the 5 Pakistani teams in PSL 2016 as they want to see the Pakistani cricketers along with the foreigner cricketers playing for just Pakistan.


Reasons to Love PSL 2016

Given below are 10 reasons to love PSL:

1. Legends as Coaches:

The cricket legends such as Waseem Akram are back in the game, but they will not play in the field this time. They will perform a job as a coach to prepare their squad for the victory. The fans of the cricket legends are desperately waiting to see how well they perform from the back seat as a coach.

2. Shortest Game Format

T20 is the shortest format of the cricket game; it is enjoyed by the fans and also those who are not addicted to watching the cricket matches. The match mostly ends in just 3 hours, but the excitement is same like that is in a full ODI series.

3. Sports Spectator Ship

A sport is nothing without the spectators; they make every match lively by supporting the team they love. The PSL tournament is made more attractive by the cricket spectators who are already out for supporting the teams prior to the start of the actual tournament.

4. Interesting Commentary and Analysis

It is obvious that when the all the teams are of Pakistan, then there will be a Pakistani in the commentary box. Not just commentary will be interesting; the nation will get to read the interesting articles written by interested bloggers.

5. Foreigner Mentors

The young cricketers have gotten the chance to enrich their game quality and improving their skills under the guidance of foreigner mentors.

6. Excitement and Fun

The tournament contains the matches between the Pakistani teams; there is not a single team of any other country. So, there is no stress of winning against any rival country and then remains just the excitement of the cricket fans supporting the team of their city.

7. Celebration as Festival

The excitement of the cricket fans has proved that cricket is not just a sport in Pakistan as they are celebrating the event.

8. Promotion of Cricket in the Country:

The PSL tournament will work great for the promotion of cricket in the country as the standard of local T20 cricket is much lower than the other countries around the globe. The local young players will play under the supervision of the expert cricket players and they will get the benefit from their experience of many years. So, this tournament will not only assist in promoting the local T20 talent, it will also help in changing the beliefs of other countries about Pakistan.

9. Source of Entertainment

The tournament will be a great source of entertainment as it will not only provide a series of exhilarating matches to enjoy, but the availability of famous names from the film industry for the support of the teams will make the matches more entertaining.

10. Financial Stability:

It will bring financial stability for PCB and for the cricketers of Pakistan; it will also assist in bringing back the international cricket to Pakistan, so the PSL tournament will be proven great for the country.